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The fallow deer hunt starts and takes place in early October, during the mating season. It´s the time when  the males bellow, grunt and do a good deal of fighting as they gather harems. The rut is an exciting time to hunt European fallow deer.

Big trophies are harvested yearly. For the best trophies, European fallow deer should be hunted soon after the velvet is stripped, since tines are often broken off in fighting during the rut in October. Through the vegetation of the area, trophies taken a darker and original color than other national hunting destinations. Fallow deer hunt is amazing in this part of the world.

Hunting ground location: private estate in Los Alcornocales Natural Park. We count on one of the best spanish private estates.

Fallow Deer Hunting Season: the hunts take place mid September through early February.

Trophy: we will hunt big trophies from 160,00 CIC points onwards. In the estates there are a high density and quality of trophies. You will be hunting in a pre-scouted area and should have multiple shot opportunities daily.

Weather: depending on the time year you are hunting, temperatures vary between 10 and 35 degrees.

Terrain: low hills covered by beautiful Mediterranean native forest landscapes.

Flora: nearly all of the estate is covered by Mediterranean native forest comprised mainly by Cork oaks, Portuguese oaks (Quercus faginea), Pyrenean oaks, wild olive trees (Olea europaea), alders, holly trees, bay laurels, rhododendrons, ferns, mosses, and lichens.

Travel to Cadiz: you will fly to Jerez (XRY), Seville (SVQ) and Malaga (AGP), Granada (GRX) and Gibraltar (GIB) airports where you will be picked up by the outfitter and driven to base camp. All travels during the hunt are by car.

Accommodations: you will stay close to the hunting areas. Fullboard accomodation. We don´t offer this service but we can manage it without any additional payment.

Guiding: guiding is 1×1. You will be guided either by the outfitter himself.



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